Thursday, January 14, 2010

Holmes Wilson Tables at Bae!

Bae Home & Design now offers these unique and stunning Holmes Wilson Tables and Chairs!!

Pamela Holmes and Brad Wilson have collaborated as artists for over 30 years. They have been designing and creating one of a kind tables and garden sculpture for 14 years and make each piece themselves. Their affinity with nature has inspired the work and they constantly strive to improve their products.

Pliny End Tables
Our new Pliny End Tables have impressions of leaves from Inula, Sage, Echium, Artichoke, Eucalyptus, Calla Lily, Banana, and virtually most leaves available to us. You may request a leaf of your choice. The spectacular detail and botanical seduction create one of a kind tables or seats. Each seat is unique and hand made by us.

The Ojo Table

The Ojo table is a steel and concrete dining table with a solid yet functional design. The base is designed to give diners leg room and therefore more comfort. Constructed from 3/8" thick steel with a 3" thick concrete top.