Saturday, April 30, 2011

Royal Wedding Fever

Lately the world has gone a little crazy over the royal nuptials, and why not? Is it not a little girl's dream and the plot for most Disney movies that we'll one day be swept off our feet by a prince on a white horse and become a princess in a beautiful castle? To see that dream become a reality for Kate Middleton is pretty unreal and it brings back all the magic of childhood, but for once it's not animated! In light of the royal wedding fever, we've got a few things at Bae to bring some of that magic to your home.

Vagabond Vintage Crown Votives
Large Crown: $48
Small Crown: $42
The 2 Karat Mug in Silver and Gold: $21
Vanity Lid Jar: $28

All of these pieces are great for a little royal self-indulgence or a creative gift idea, so stop by Bae today to see what else we have to help you recapture the magic.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Spring is synonymous with renewal, rejuvenation and undoubtedly, redo. With the arrival of some very Moroccan and Indian themed pieces from Vagabond Vintage I've gotten the itch, that nagging feeling you get when you look around your room and feel bored, the colors are blasé and you wonder what it says about you.
I want to lay on a bed covered in pillows with rich prints and vibrant colors, surrounded by silk drapings, candles and someone feeding me grapes...Maybe I'm getting a little carried away, but with a few of these pieces as my inspiration I've begun piecing together an Eastern themed bedroom that will ease my design woes.
So far I've started with these Lotus Flower Candle Bowls
Small Lotus Bowl is $21
Large Lotus Bowl $46
Pouf from Vagabond Vintage for $127
works great around a small, low side table for a splash of color and a little extra seating in a tight space.
and lastly, the accent piece that (in my opinion) every home needs:
a great Buddha statue like this fabulous
White Meditating Buddha for $375
Clearly my bedroom makeover has a long way to go, but with a solid color palate and great pieces like these to start with the rest should come together in no time. Don't forget to come by to see the rest of our Eastern-inspired merchandise and get your hands on these one of a kind poufs before they're gone!