Friday, June 25, 2010

Have you Heard?

Our June Special!! Buy any 3 items and get 15% off each!

Your gift dilemma has just been solved :) come in and visit, we have new goodies our manager Nicole just picked out, and they're scrumptious.

Friday, June 18, 2010

this is a Man's world

I've been on holiday for a week and completely lost track of time; voy tarde indeed.

But! On vacation I stayed with a dear friend of mine whose room was the epitome of sleek man living. Crown molding, metal (possibly steel) chandelier, leather bed frame with dark burgundys and forest greens. It's how every man's room should be.

(This post was necessary after I found a picture I took while I was down there of his shoes. Now you know what I mean)


Saturday, June 5, 2010

Jewelry is a Girl's Best Friend

Amling Designs, created and made by Claudia Amling-MacFarland, is the newest addition to Bae! After much success at our trunk show we had to carry more of her pieces, and I'm so excited about it!

Her jewelry is not only local (she is based out of our sister city of Santa Cruz) and one of a kind, but she uses an intricate process using PMC (Precious Metal Clay). In short, it's a unique form of silver or gold that has flexibility to be molded and sculpted by hand (this is my favorite part; all her pieces are carefully hand made by her which makes it intimate and personal). It starts soft and pliable, similar to clay - hence the name, and once fired in the kiln it hardens and is ready to wear. The best part is each piece is 'reversible'; due to the molding process the texture on the back side is just as beautiful as the front, so you can wear your necklace in either direction. Divine process, even better results.

Here are some of my personal favorites; I absolutely love the charm necklace which can be customized with personal initials (how about Liz+Javier Bardem? Hey, a girl can dream!)

Visit her website and Etsy Store for more goodies (she even makes bronze jewelry and glass beads, perfect for all the delicious bright colors everyone's wearing this summer).

But see them in person at Bae! We have quite the selection of these hand-made delights, so come visit :)

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

I'll drink to that!

Don't have a wet bar in your house? No problem! This arrangement can be done in any home, and it gives an appearance of class done simplistically. Being a minimalist, and a sucker for the 'cigar/cocktail' motif, this is being implemented immediately (now where's my Bev Mo gold members' card...?)

via Thomas Smythe Habitually Chic