Friday, May 20, 2011

Eighth Wonder of the World?

With summer swiftly approaching I'm sure many of you are planning (or dreaming) of exotic vacation getaways. While most people are drawn towards beaches, tropical weather and palm trees others sway towards the seven wonders and the amazing architectural and artistic points of view from countries throughout the world. I myself have a top ten list of places I'd love to explore, but after some research I am reassessing that list to include some rather spectacular monuments that easily hold their own against Stonehenge.

Spread throughout what was once Yugoslavia, these architectural sculptures were commissioned by President Tito and designed by various talented artists and architects. These innovative and futuristic sculptures are spread throughout what is now mostly Bosnia and Serbia, but have fallen into disrepair due to neglect. The inspiration behind these pieces is speculated upon: some say they mark pivotal WWII battles, while still others say they were a way of promoting artistic expression and further drawing the line between a more Western Yugoslavia and Stalin's Soviet influence.
Some argue that these sculptures are relics of a harsh history for Yugoslavia and believe that they should be left to decay and crumble as all things do, but I believe that these monuments are inspiring depictions of a pivotal time, not only in Yugoslavia but throughout the world. Whatever the true motives behind them, they are indisputably breathtaking and the condition of these monuments covered in graffiti and rust is truly saddening.
There are a total of twenty-five of these spectacular monuments and if you are a history buff, architectural enthusiast or just somebody that can admire beauty when they see it, you had better add this to your travel list and quick because without much tourist interest who knows how long these relics will remain.