Friday, May 21, 2010

On The Rocks

Coquine, a new bar in London, is the essence of classic elegance through atmosphere and ambiance. And if you're anything like myself (a snob for interiors at any establishment I plan on spending more than 4 hours in drinking and dining with friends) you can appreciate Lee Broom's aesthetic eye for antique details and fine cuts. The same attention you would give any room in your house (and is actually inspiring me to turn a room into a cigar/scotch lounge) Broom gives to Coquine.

Best for last? The Decanterlights that are "one of a kind, each made from lead crystal decanters that have been hand sourced from antique markets and vintage shops by Broom and his team." -The Cool Hunter
I'll take two!

via:The Cool Hunter (link above)

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