Thursday, July 15, 2010

Let's go to the Mission tonight

Upon hitting my one year mark in the bay area I've come to find that my favorite part of the city is in fact the Mission. Sure, other parts are more lush with trees and Victorian homes, but the Mission is my go-to for a night out, a great meal, and a great thrift find (my three favorite things to do). So when I found a House Tour on Apartment Therapy in the Mission, I had to post! Not only is it in my (as you now know) favorite part of the city, but her house has the minimalistic style that I strive for and love. And she's a local! Let's have a peek:

Susan's one bedroom apartment is snuggled between the Mission and beautiful Noe Valley, and is I thing a beautiful blend of the two neighborhoods. Her apartment is full of antiques yet doesn't have that museum feel (think your grandparents house, or any avid antique collector). In contrast, it has a warm and welcoming atmosphere and you can see the time and consideration each piece went through before being chosen.

My favorite parts of her house hands down is the artwork on the walls. In the picture below they're not symmetrical with the bookshelf between them (with that fantastic lamp that I'm putting on my must buy list) but it somehow balances beautifully and 'brings your eye back' (a term I learned in fashion school, in other words no part of the space leaves your eye wandering, it's all cohesive). 

And her bed!! After seeing Breakfast at Tiffany's years ago I've been dreaming of owning a wrought iron bed and hers is on point (and the blanket on the bed is a handmade Amish quilt from her hometown in Pennsylvania, that's impressive). This was my swoon of the day, I hope it becomes yours!

via Apartment Therapy

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