Friday, July 23, 2010

Make your next dinner party Pop!

Lea Wood Ceramics is our newest addition to Bae, and I am completely obsessed with these beautifully hand-made (from start to finish, that's dedication) ceramic bowls and kitchen accoutrements, including serving bowls, food platters in multiple sizes, all completely food functional. Inspired by her childhood in South Africa, each piece has a rustic feel with beautiful design and pops of color. Her focus is to create a line of "contemporary, aesthetically pleasing, yet functional ceramics that you will love and not think twice about using in your daily lives" (from her website < click to view!). Here are a few of my favorite pieces plus her own descriptions below. Come by the store to see them in the flesh (or the clay..)!!

'NEW MODERN' was developed from a personal desire to have a contemporary shape to not only serve food ON, but to enjoy as a unique piece of sculpture.

'NEW CLASSIC' shape: I have incorporated the Zulu idea of making 'cut out handles' in the piece, as is their tradition. They do this in order to effectively pass large heavy wooden platters around the fire from one person to the other. They are truly unique and original both in concept and design.

'CLOUD' is an elegant 'stand alone if you want' shape that developed all on its own in front of my eyes!

BLK&BLU: The playful and organic spontaneous feeling of this design pushes the contemporary edge into having a bit more fun.

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