Sunday, August 1, 2010

Need a Hand? Or a Cup?

Because we have two that will give you an excuse to ask for seconds. These are both two personal favorites from our lovely little store, and considering my two favorite things to drink are coffee and cocktails, I know I always look good doing both.

When I wake up I want my cup to sparkle, shine, and make me look stylish while I'm reading the paper. This mug is the perfect gift for someone (or yourself) and will instantly glisten their morning.

Whenever I'm drinking wine (again, one of my favorite things to do/drink) and being the klutz I am I'm terrified of dropping it by holding onto the stem, but I don't want to heat the wine with my warm hand by holding it around the glass. Thank goodness our friends at Fred & Friends sought a solution to my dreadful problem! I can hold my glass with confidence while keeping it cool and refreshing. I'll take four, it's a party!

Both these cups are at Bae right now from Fred & Friends, an awesome company that turns everyday items into something fun (as you can see from above, this is only a taste of their goodies!). Come by the store and see these babies for yourself!

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