Saturday, January 15, 2011

Favorite Things

I want to share some of my favorite glassware pieces that we have in the store. All the pieces below will add to any evening soiree, a dinner party, or even a glass of water! I'm in love with all of these and I want to invite you to fancy up your kitchen cabinets:

First and foremost, our French glasses:

They're all three practical and stylish, but the middle glass (a French wine glass) is on the top of the list. It's just big enough to sip on something lovely or store your q-tips, either way it's a must.

Our dainty champagne glasses! Ah these make me so happy, this set makes me want to throw a cocktail party where we only serve champagne and fancy hors d'ourves.

They're each different in design and make your entire evening more festive.

If you love our champagne glasses then our set of drinking glasses is next. Similar to the champagne flutes previous, each has a different design and come as a set of six.

Perfect for a cocktail on the rocks or a glass of a day-appropriate beverage.

Last but not least, still sticking with the glass theme are these adorable bird salt and pepper shakers! We just got these in and I just about lost it when I opened them.

I realize the pictures don't do them justice (which is more of a reason to come in and see them for yourself!) but take my word, they're just exquisite. Put these lovelies on your kitchen table and add an ethereal look effortlessly.

These are just a few things I love in our store, and everything I've listed (disregarding the salt shakers since we just got them in) fly off our shelves, so I'm certainly not the only one who thinks these pieces are the bees knees. Come in and see them for yourself!

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