Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Manzanita Madness!

So we've just received these beautiful sand blasted Manzanita Branches from Gold Leaf Design in Chicago and I'm instantly inspired. Not only are the Manzanita branches a beautiful sculptural piece, they're extremely versatile and I have several (or more like a million) ideas that make this amazing display a must have for every home.
Our Gold Leaf Design Manzanita branch and stand ($115) can be displayed as is for a natural and rustic feel, but here are a few ideas to spice up your home or make a memorable centerpiece:
  • These branches can be easily painted to add a whimsical flair and it's a great way to bring together a room's color scheme.
  • You can decorate them seasonally with Christmas ornaments, easter eggs, etc.
  • By combining techniques, Manzanita branches can also serve as a stunning and original wedding or party centerpiece.
  • For a romantic and neutral display you can add white twinkly lights or hang some delicate votives to throw a little mood lighting on any occasion.
  • To celebrate this beautiful season I suggest adding some springtime flowers (real or otherwise) for a jaw-dropping indoor landscape.
Just remember to plan your display around the branches themselves. If hanging heavy votives or ornaments, make sure to use plaster to hold your branch into the stand or chosen vase. Otherwise decorative sand or stones can be used to help your branch remain intact.
There are a thousand possibilities so stop by Bae to pick up one of these must-have pieces or email us for more great decorating ideas for your Manzanita branch!

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