Saturday, May 8, 2010

Mother's Day

While May is easily my favorite month of the year (flowers, sunshine, iced lattes) Mother's Day seems to move in all too quickly, and if you're anything like myself I'm scrambling to find her the gift she's been hinting at for months but (of course) I can't seem to remember.

Take a deep breath my fellow procrastinators, let Bae take care of your (and you Mom!)

Bath Soaps by Millefiori ($9.50); the refreshing smell is light and floral, perfect addition to the bath or kitchen.

Pear candles by Vance Kitira ($8/ea). So cute as a group or

by itself! Robert Abbey ceramic flower ($75) is my next purchase. So beautiful!

These Roost Hourglasses (small: $24.95, large: $48) compliment a bedside or coffee table; perfect accoutrement for the everyday.

She's been needing a new lamp for the living room hasn't she? Surprise her with this beautiful Robbert Abbey Lamp (which is currently on sale from $245 to $183.79!).

Still can't decide? These lovely Roost Fern Votives ($17/ea), Ceramic Pears ($15.95/ea) and Fish Bottle Opener (right there on the top, $24) are sweet ways to show you're thinking of her.

 These Fred 24 Carat mugs ($21) are the best way to have your morning coffee!

And lest I forget our selection of San Francisco based Elizabeth W beauty products! They range from bath salts ($22) to lotions ($22) bath gels ($20) diffusers (pictured above, $74) and more in Vetiver, Lavender, Sweet Tea, Rose, and Magnolia. The Miller et Bertaux Perfumes (pictured above the diffusers in the first picture) smell fresh, not overbearing, and absolutely divine. ($108 for 100ml/3.33 fl oz).

So before you fret and write her an 'IOU' card, come in and visit!! She'll be pleasantly surprised, and you'll be relieved :)

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